Online Links

Since joining EFA and helping to found WAIA in 1995, I've been quoted in the media quite often. Here are a few links to articles and interviews online, subject of course to the copyright and convenience of third parties.


Powerpoint Presentations

Usually I speak from notes, occasionally from a written paper, and occasionally to a Powerpoint presentation. These files are some of the presentations I've given to conferences.


Life Online

In 1985, I plugged a 1200/75 Nice Modem into my Commodore 64 and joined the online community. This was the start of a fascinating journey through technological advances and changing communication tools, and has since defined my career and personal life.

One of the first online experiences was Graeme Platt's Nemo BBS. This encouraged me to become involved with BBS and online legal issues.

After a while, I commenced operating a point through Colin Wheat's The Library BBS as Fidonet number 3:690/613.5 and joined the echomail conference "Life the universe and everything", or LTUAE. 

I've had a number of Internet accounts over the years, from my first SLIP account with Informed Technology (using an Amiga computer) to my current Starlink Internet. I've changed my website a lot over the years, and the Wayback Machine has archived several iterations here and some even older ones here.

Other interests are noted here